we bring to you one of the most adorable love story that will take you back to the time when you first fell in love.


They first met in school when he was learning to knot tie and she to knot her plait. She was a new girl in the class with whom all boys secretly wanted to interact with. Their class teacher who decided to reshuffle the class ended up making Ashritha sit in front of Jay. She spoke to him first, laughed at his lame jokes, smiled every time their eyes met which made him think she definitely had a soft corner for him, but she denies it to date. Sweeping off the feet moment was when they spoke about Spider-man and Dr. Octopus. A girl talking about superheroes in school and not crushing over boybands was a catch- God doesn’t make girls like her anymore. They shared a lot of sweet nothings for next two years; little did they know it would build a solid foundation for what they are today. They lost touch after school for almost a year until one fine day Jay’s phone rang, the voice on the other side made his heart skip a beat while he fluttered with the butterflies in stomach to cloud nine, he pulled himself together and replied, “Hello. Ashritha.”


 For the next five years from Orkut scraps, Yahoo messenger, GTalk, Viber chat, to one-paisa sms, they exploited them all. From early good mornings to late good nights, He was next to her and she next to him virtually all the time. What they had back then was a little more than friendship and a little shy of being in a relationship. They never went on dates, never exchanged gifts, or even flirted.



They parted ways to pursue their career. Jay was off to Goa to do his MBA and Ashritha off to the US. Thus, began the most beautiful phase of their lives – Long distance. It was the distance that made them grow fonder of each other. Frequency of messages between thus reduced, there was a constant missing happening which made him realize that this was love and He cannot lose her. Jay started comparing every girl he met to Ashritha; she was his benchmark. Everything about her was tailormade for him. To make up for all the time they couldn’t talk like before, he put his thoughts on paper and sent those letters to her. It was the first of those hand-written letters which struck her like an arrow from Cupid’s bow. Continents away, they realized that they were in love from the beginning but failed to recognize.


In her vacation to India, they met after two years and he wanted to make it special for her. He took her for a long drive and after beating around the bush for two hours, he could gather all his guts, courage and told Ashritha that every time he sees future, she is in it. After moments of silence, she said ‘You had me at hello!”. Yes, she is hopelessly filmy, and it seemed like she was waiting to use that dialogue.

 Ashritha - “ I am the sparkplug in our relationship who ignited the fuel by talking and texting first and you are the engine who kept the relationship running.

And rest is history…

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