The scent of love and style was all over the place…

There is this striking contrasting pattern between the grooms and brides we shoot. The grooms are usually casual and carefree while the poised brides pay attention to detail to make sure everything is perfect. No matter how similar they are, they have their differences. The beauty lies in how the couple accepts these differences, compliment each other and share a vision to start a whole new journey together. That’s how lovely Jahnavi & Mihir were, setting couple goals effortlessly for everyone around.

The decor, makeup, dress, space, schedule… they had paid so much attention to details that the flawless taste of finesse stood reflected in everything that there was.  They knew how to have fun and they did it with style and purpose. The lovely couple dazzled with joy as their attire.

The entire experience feels like a happiness blur that had the best of us. Amazing people, lots of fun and drama, made up for the pictures that stand testimonial to all the love they shared. Take a look.