FELL BY THE FALLS | Telugu Brahmin Wedding

Jhanvi + Vamsee

Fell by the Falls

In October 2018, Jahnavi decided to fulfill her parent’s longtime dream of visiting the famous Niagara Falls. But little did she know that by the edge of these beautiful falls she would also fall for one sweet, kind hearted soul. Vamsee was a perfect gentleman who welcomed her parents and her with utmost gratitude as he showed them around Niagara. Her parents couldn’t control their joy when they saw how these two got along together and they sent them away to spend some time together. Vamsee being the hopeless romantic that he is, swept Jahnavi off her feet when he got her a bundle of red roses and dark chocolates. ‘No one has ever given me roses’, she said and as she went back home, and she made sure she saved those roses in a shallow box to last forever.

The trip ended, the calls didn’t. Over 5 hours of phone and video calls every night since then, while they were still coming to terms on how could an arranged marriage be such a perfect fit to them. Vamsee was reserved, Jahnavi was rowdy. He was tea and she was coffee, yet sugar kept them together. That bubbly girl had worked her way into his heart.

When Vamsee decided to propose, he didn’t t leave any stone unturned. In November, he went all in for a dreamy sunset proposal by the Shenandoah National Park with the ‘Perfect’ song in background while he went down on his knees. BAM, Last week of December, they were engaged by the serene beaches of Miami, alongside their best friends. With their family’s blessing they had their dream wedding on February 10th 2019 in Hyd. 


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